About US / Our Team

Phil migrated to Australia on his own, from India when he was 24 and soon realized that without a formal education life and prospects would become stagnant, he went on to complete several university degrees including an MBA.

 After University his first job was a lecturer’s position at Edith Cowan
University in Business Strategy. His second job was at Jackson and
McDonald’s law firm. After completing a year, he realized that he wanted a
further challenge and decided to buy and manage a Dental practice. Within
2 years he established a chain of dental practices around the northern
suburbs of Perth. He has since sold most of them retaining only one.

Phil was then introduced to a doctor who needed help with management
issues at his practice. He found his calling when he turned the practice
around to become one of the largest medical practices in the north. He
decided to buy his own practice in 2012 and Med Bizz was born. Within
the span of 9 years, he expanded his acquisitions to 44 practices and in
addition manages over 11 independently owned medical practices.

When Phil is not working, he conducts free business seminars and coaches
people interested in starting up businesses. He is a philanthropist and has
a heart for helping orphaned and impoverished children around the world.

Being a single dad of 4 kids, he spends most of his time juggling work,
kids, and grandkids, not to mention a dog. His true passion is ballroom