About US / Our Team

Nick was born and raised in Perth, Australia, where he completed his high school at St Marks ACS in 2018. Nick has been working with MediBizz for over half a year now, and in that time, he has taken on various projects and has worked along side many people to build a strong foundation within the company.

Whilst working in a full time capacity, he also is undertaking a degree in Business Information Systems (Business Technology) at Curtin University. He bringing the skills he is learning in his studies and incorporating them in the business environment.

Nicks role in MediBizz is to identify and address problems that occur on a day to day basis within the Medical Practices. He is also responsible for the smooth running of operations in a variety of sectors in the company. Besides carrying on his daily duties, Nick works in coordinating MediSupply and is the developer of the MediBizz website.

In Nicks free time he loves to play the drums, watch the Formula 1, and spend time with his friends.