MediAcademy is a training centre for medical receptionists.

For those wishing to become a medical receptionist or wanting to upgrade your current skill set then our training academy is the only place to start.

We provide comprehensive training, support and mentoring during the course period.  Tutoring is provided by skilled trainers that have many years of industry experience.

Teaching is done with an interactive and hands-on approach in a friendly learning environment.

Students will experience contemporary learning methods on practice procedures, policies, software applications, duties of a medical receptionist, accounts keeping, medical terminology and an understanding of Medicare.

There is a strong emphasis on Best Practice which is the market leader in practice management software.  Best Practice has dominated the market and is now the most commonly used software application in general practice. 

Upon completion of the certified short course students will get the confidence they need to stand out above their peers and significantly increase their employability status or get the promotion they deserve.

This is an industry that is incredibly rewarding and receptionists are providing a vital role in healthcare and helping others.

For more information on the course structure and prices please contact the office on 08 9310 1015.

Software Training

Training is provided for Best Practice medical software which is the most popular software of choice amongst medical practices. There are three levels of training for Best Practice:

    • Basic

    • Intermediate

    • Advanced

This involves four hours training for each of the three levels.  To progress to Advanced level the student must complete the basic and intermediate levels. This training can be completed onsite at the medical centre where the receptionist is currently employed by one of our course instructors or offsite at our MediAcademy facility.

Practice Reception Training

For New Staff

We provide a comprehensive training program on all aspects of reception duties, and this is only offered at our training academy.

This is a 10-day course of 5.5 hours duration per day with a half hour lunch break and a 15-minute morning tea break. The first two days will be 3 hours duration and then going to 5.5 hours from the third da onwards

There will be an examination at the end of the course and a certificate will be issued for successful attainment and competency.

For Existing Staff

Our trainers provide onsite training of existing receptionists to upskill to MediBizz Standards. A performance test is conducted initially to determine the level and duration of the training. This generally involves 2 to 3 days of onsite training.

Pricing Schedule For MediAcademy

Best Practice Software Course

Basic Course (B) 4 hours duration
Intermediate Course (I) 4 hours duration
Advanced Course (A) 4 hours duration

Best Practice Software & Practice Reception Course combined 5.5 hours duration per day.

Day of CourseBest Practice onsite
training at
Client’s Practice
Best Practice
training at
Best Practice and
Practice Reception
Training at
Day One $350.00 (B) $165.00 (B) $125.00
Day Two $350.00 (I) $165.00 (I) $125.00
Day Three $350.00 (A) $165.00 (A) $125.00
Day Four   $125.00
Day Five   $125.00
Day Six   $125.00
Day Seven   $125.00
Day Eight   $125.00
Day Nine   $125.00
Day Ten   $125.00
*Total Cost $1,050.00$495.00 $1,250.00

* 11/2021
* Prices shown is per individual receptionist exclusive of GST.  No group discounts can be offered.
* Please check for updated prices as they are subject to change without notice.